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21, Biochemist, pagan, depressed, anxious, self destructive, anarchocommunist, bisexual genderfluid punk bitch.

"Everything sucks forever"- Mae Borowski, Night In The Woods

a picture of my fursona, a caracal

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Suggested Reading


  • Gabriel Kuhn, Will Science and Reason Save Us?.
  • Petr Kropotkin, The Conquest of Bread.
  • Kristian Williams, US Cops are Treating White Militias as Heavily Armed Friendlies.
  • Emma Goldman, Marriage and Love.
  • Industrial Workers of the World - What Everyone Should Know.
  • Luis Hernández Navarro, Zapatismo Today and Tomorrow.
  • Toward Insurrection: Anarchist Strategy in an Era of Popular Revolt.
  • Happening.
  • Security Does Not Mean Safety: #1.
  • Sociological

  • How university diversity rationales inform student preferences and outcomes.
  • Depressive Symptoms among Adolescents Exposed to Personal and Vicarious Police Contact.
  • Academic parenthood: Navigating structure and culture in an elite occupation.
  • Prison, women and prison rules for women.
  • Intersectional stigma and the health consequences of segregating Black, HIV+ transwomen in prison in the US state of Georgia.
  • The New Common.
  • Planetary Confinement: Bio‑Politics and Mutual Aid.
  • A Critique of the Model of Gender Recognition and the Limits of Self‑Declaration for Non‑Binary Trans Individuals.
  • Scientific

  • Hazard Evaluation of Metal–Organic Framework Synthesis and Scale-up: A Laboratory Safety Perspective.
  • A Minimalistic Coumarin Turn-On Probe for Selective Recognition of Parallel G-Quadruplex DNA Structures.
  • L-DOPA Dioxygenase Activity on 6-Substituted Dopamine Analogues.
  • Phages on the farm: Can these tiny viruses help us overcome antibiotic resistance?.
  • Computational scientists look for lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Solve the Outbreak, Educational Game.
  • Early Life Exposure to Green Space and Mid-childhood Cognition in the Project Viva Cohort (Massachusetts, USA) .
  • The Impact of Epidemiology on Fertility and Prenatal Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Accurate prediction of protein structures and interactions using a three-track neural network.
  • Enabling Cyclization Strategies through Carbonyl-Ylide-Mediated Synthesis of Malonate Enol Ethers.
  • Graphene Oxide as the Potential Vector of Hydrophobic Pesticides: Ultrahigh Pesticide Loading Capacity and Improved Antipest Activity.
  • Phytoavailability of Lead for Vegetables in Urban Garden Soils.
  • Dual Role of Copper Nanoparticles in Bacterial Leaf Blight-Infected Rice: A Therapeutic and Metabolic Approach.
  • Potential of Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy for Detection of Zebra Chip and Potato Virus Y Diseases of Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum).
  • Chemists Get Creative to Improve Safety in Underresourced Laboratories.
  • Partial Consensus Design and Enhancement of Protein Function by Secondary-Structure-Guided Consensus Mutations.
  • Global warming is causing a more pronounced dip in marine species richness around the equator.
  • First animal-free toxicity test emerges.
  • Expanding American Sign Language’s scientific vocabulary.
  • COVID and the brain: researchers zero in on how damage occurs.
  • Supply chain diversity buffers cities against food shocks.
  • Climate change made North America’s deadly heatwave 150 times more likely.
  • General Cancer Information: Reports.
  • Counterfeit Pesticides.
  • Self-Grown Bacterial Cellulose Capsules Made through Emulsion Templating.
  • Solar cells that make use of wasted light.
  • A sensitive strategy for tumour surveillance.
  • X-rays activate cancer drug.
  • Cell membrane ingredient found in space.
  • Can industry decarbonize steelmaking?.
  • Tough hydrogels with rapid self-reinforcement.
  • Culture and Art

  • Frog Quest.
  • Substack.
  • Soft Heart Clinic.
  • Goodmode.
  • Halloween Ideas.
  • DIY Punk Database (UK Based).
  • Girl and Queer Punk Bands.
  • Korsse.
  • Some Events in Philly To Attend.
  • Personal Interests and Hobbies

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